As a biologist with a Masters degree in Education, an experienced sailor and a NAUI Divemaster, Bridget is a passionate educator and has led the way for field studies programmes in South East Asia for the last 20 years. When she moved to Southeast Asia in 1991 she saw a wonderfully diverse yet fragile landscape waiting to be explored. Ecofieldtrips was born in 1997 in response to the need to educate future generations; to take students out of the classroom and into the invaluable ecosystems of Malaysia and Singapore.



Helen was integral to the set up and functioning of Ecofieldtrips with her close friend and our Managing Director Bridget Hedderman. Throughout her awe-inspiring career she set up her own environmental consultancy Newman Biomarine, consulted for Conservation International and co-founded the UK charity, Sea Sanctuaries Trust (SST). SST aims to protect the marine environment through stewardship from local stakeholders and in 2011 helped set up a Marine Conservation Area in Raja Ampat. Sadly, Helen passed away in April of 2014 but EFT will continue to work with and support SST and ensure Helen's legacy will live on.



Jen Chapman is a biology graduate and PADI Dive Master with a keen interest in conservation. She has previously worked on wildlife rehabilitation projects throughout Southeast Asia and today is involved in pioneering conservation projects in South America. 



Bob joined Ecofieldtrips in 2016 after a career in corporate finance and business. He brings a wealth of knowledge for business management and growth as Ecofieldtrips moves into a new era. Bob has 20 years experience working in the outdoors with youths, most notably taking an active role with Surf Life Saving Australia. His extensive overseas travel working in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia puts him in a fantastic position to develop new venues as EFT continues to grow and develop. In his free-time Bob embraces the outdoors life and enjoys skiing and scuba diving with his family.


Originally from the USA, Kenny has lived and worked in Southeast Asia since the year 2000. He holds a Bachelors in Biology as well as a Masters Degree in Science Education from Montana State University and has 20+ years experience as a classroom science teacher and expedition leader in the USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. His book entitled As if the Earth Matters is recommended by the National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) as an excellent activity guide and resource for connecting students with nature. As a result of his dedication to the environment, environmental education and conservation he’s been awarded Volunteer of the Year by both the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream Organization in the USA and the Malaysian Nature Society in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Based from the field office in Bali, Kenny spends his free time exploring Indonesia’s hidden gems.


As a former swimming instructor and surf life saver, Sue has a strong background working with young people in a range of settings. She has extensive experience with special needs students having been involved with hydrotherapy and riding for the disabled. With an enthusiasm for nature, health and nutrition, Sue spends most of her time outdoors and has recently completed her yoga teacher training!




Andy is an outdoor enthusiast with experience working with students of all ages in both the sports and field studies sector.  As an avid naturalist with a passion for Southeast Asian ecology, Andy loves inspiring people to get outside. Managing the sales for Ecofieldtrips takes up most of his time but when not in the office Andy keeps active playing for two Singaporean amateur football teams.


Born and raised in Uganda, Charlie has always been fully immersed into the wilderness spending his youth hanging out the back of 4x4s bundu bashing the plains of Africa. After completing his zoology degree in the UK Charlie worked for a Gorilla conservation NGO back home before discovering his passion for environmental education. Specialising in programme development, Charlie worked delivering outdoor education sessions in the deserts of Dubai before making his way to South East Asia. Charlie is a bit of a bird nerd and loves nothing more than practicing bird calls in his spare time.


After studying Anthropology with Environmental Studies at Loyoloa University, Ariana quickly got stuck into practical conservation efforts working with birds and sea turtles in Hawaii. Adding more strings to her bow she then moved to Vietnam teaching English and ballet, it was here that Ariana witnessed the effects that rapid expansion and development could have on the environment. She decided to do something about it in a part of the world that she had grown to love – South East Asia. When Ariana isn’t inspiring the next generation she enjoys baking and has a penchant for snickerdoodles.


Will has recently returned from a gruelling three month cycling expedition from Seattle to San Fransisco where he spent time coursing through coastal scenes and camping out in redwood forests. He has experience as a Park Ranger in the UK and Hawaii – where he led hikes to the summit of active volcanoes to observe lava rolling into oceans. As our resident geographer, Will is at home with with all things earth and rock related, he is keen to share his enthusiasm for what is left of the natural world with future decision makers!



Armed with a marine biology degree and dive instructor certification, Laura has worked her way around a variety of marine projects including researching coral in Mexico, coordinating beach and canal cleans in Manchester and running a dive centre in South Sulawesi. Laura has explored waters in exotic locations all over the world which has seen her diving with whale sharks in Mexico, mola mola in South Sulawesi and manta ray in Raja Ampat!  Laura is thrilled to be working in South East Asia and have the opportunity to introduce the next generation to some of the world’s most important ecosystems.


After schooling in Hong Kong, Isabelle dedicated her summer to cleaning up after Sea Lions at a local aquarium, it was here that she discovered her affinity with the marine world. Whilst studying for her degree Isabelle conducted her final year project with EFT, researching how human impacts can affect the diversity of seagrass populations in Bali.  After the completion of her degree in the US, Isabelle worked as a research assistant at a coral biogeochemistry lab in Hong Kong. Remembering how inspired she felt by the outdoorsy way of life she has now returned to Ecofieldtrips to become a Field Biologist.


Nga is originally from Nha Trang, Vietnam- growing up right on the coast and surrounded by mountains provided Nga with lots of opportunity to trek, dive and explore local wildlife. As a fully qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher and dive master, she has spent 3 years instructing in both Vietnam and Nepal. In her free time Nga likes to explore, last year she accomplished trekking to the basecamp of Mt Annapura!



Captivated by nature from a young age after travelling to Africa and South America, Ryan would go on and study science, eventually graduating with a double major in Wildlife Ecology and Biology. Deciding to go back to the source of inspiration, he spent seven years with various wildlife research programs in South and Central America. Attracted by the prospect of combining science and education, Ryan began leading expeditions in the Asia-Pacific region in a quest to not only to share his experiences with the next generation but also to expand his scientific knowledge. During his time in South America, Ryan picked up a knack for crocodile wrestling, a hobby he now shares with ice-hockey and baseball.


Born and raised in Singapore, Sylvia has always wanted to address the impacts that climate change can have on South East Asian communities. At ease in both a laboratory and out in the field, Sylvia has a range of experiences to draw on in her quest to educate the youth of Southeast Asia about the state of their ecosystems . Prior to joining EFT, she was part of a team of researchers looking into the applications of gene technology for improving food security in developing nations, and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean investigating the sustainability of ecotourism in port cities.  In her spare time, Sylvia enjoys sipping tea and practicing calligraphy.


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Growing up surrounded by nature on a farm as an avid horse rider, Hannah was inspired to study Biology at university, with a specific focus in conservation and animal behaviour. After her studies Hannah travelled through Eastern Australia and Southeast Asia before returning home to volunteer with the National Trust, the RSBP, South Lakes Wild Animal Park and Red Rose Forest. Her love of nature then took her to South Sulawesi for 2 years, where she managed a resort and explored the seas becoming a PADI divemaster. With her strong passion in outdoor education, she is looking forward to inspire more students to care about nature.



Anna was born in Germany but grew up in urban Singapore most of her life. She holds a degree in Biology and is a PADI certified rescue diver. Having the privilege to dive at pristine coral reefs in Maldives, Sipadan, Manado and Palau, she witnessed first hand the threat of human activity to marine life and was spurred to take part in conservation. When not diving or engaging in environmental biology happenings, she can be found latin dancing, road biking, or trying out all sorts of new activities.


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Since being young Sophie had always had a keen passion for animals and the environment, leading her to study Zoology. Her love of the environment has only been reinforced by travelling across the world discovering mangroves in Mexico, trekking in Peru and Chile, identifying snakes in Swaziland, and working with turtles in Valencia. Throughout university Sophie helped with local wildlife trusts, tutored biology to asylum seekers, and volunteered with surfing for the disabled. After graduation she worked with horses, and in an animal movement lab on the newest tagging technology used in scientific research. Tagging peacocks is not as easy as it seems! After this she decided to pursue her love for the outdoors by teaching others about how great it is.


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Growing up, Theresa has always enjoyed visiting zoos and aquariums, and watching Animal Planet - but never had she imagined that she'll find her passion in ecology. For her dream to be a forensic scientist, she stepped out of her comfort zone from studying Physics to majoring in Biology. This was when she found her love for the environment and continued her education into environmental biology. After graduating university, she got her diving certificate and an opportunity to volunteer on Apo Island, in the Philippines with LAMAVE researching on sea turtles population. With her passion in marine ecosystem and animals, she is looking forward to influence the future generation about the nature.


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After growing up on the coast of South Wales, Carina studied Biology at the University of Southampton, where she covered a diverse range of topics from ecology to neuroscience. At university she got the chance to do research in both the lab and the field, ranging from the study of genetic mutations in microscopic worms, to working with stingless bees in the rainforests of Belize. Carina also spent a summer working at a turtle conservation project in North Cyprus, spending her days and nights with greens and loggerheads, and educating the public about them. It is here she discovered her love of teaching and decided to make the move to Asia to continue this passion.


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Emma was lucky to grow up skiing, camping and exploring the mountains and forests across the West Coast of the United States. From a young age, Emma has been interested in conservation. Her first environmental project involved saving up money in cereal boxes to save endangered gorillas. Her love of the natural world took her to study biology at Scripps College, where she was involved in research ranging from molecular analysis of plants to environmental impacts of renewable energy in Malaysia. While in Malaysia, Emma worked with sea turtle conservation and her interest in environmental education in Southeast Asia grew.


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Adam found his love for wildlife when he did a summer internship with the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History (New Haven, CT), going out into the New England forests to collect specimens for the museum collections. Since then, he has worked with a vast range of organizations studying plant and animal biology. For his college final year project, Adam worked with Wildlife Reserves Singapore to study the feeding behavior of the Southern cassowary, often described as the world’s most dangerous bird. Passionate about sustainability and scientific communication, Adam hopes to inspire the next generation of youth to work towards a better environmental future. In his free time, Adam enjoys watching Boston Red Sox baseball and New England Patriots football, a holdover from his time in New Haven where it all started.


After spending his early childhood growing up on a farm, Harry was inspired to study a Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management at The University of Adelaide. He has volunteered for various restoration and conservation projects back home and overseas including Rural Community Development Programs  in Nepal and Conservation Australia. He decided to make the jump over to SE Asia as he wanted to work amongst some of the most untouched ecosystems in the world and educate others about their importance. Despite seeing some amazing sights whilst trekking in Nepal and when on the summit of Mount Rinjani, Harry’s highlight is when he swam with playful sea lions in his home state of South Australia!


Josh is an enthusiastic naturalist, geographer and bagpipe impressionist. His love of the outdoors has taken him from his home in Chester, UK to work in Borneo and Costa Rica with a variety of community driven ecology projects. After working in the UK and abroad Josh is now keen to connect students with nature and inspire the next generation of conservationists in South East Asia.


Jess grew up in Shropshire with full freedom to explore the ecology of meres, forests and fields in the countryside surrounding her home. As she passed through school and university she took an active role in conservation supporting local wildlife organisations. Since graduating with a degree in conservation biology, she has used her skill set to teach environmental education in the UAE – a sector she knew would make an impact on the survivability of our current, fragile, global ecosystem. She then moved to Uganda, putting practical conservation to use with Highland Mountain Gorillas, and it was here she discovered her true prowess in communicating to a larger audience, thus kickstarting her career in environmental communication. She is now working for EFT leading the communications push to better connect and build relations between people and the planet.


Graduating from James Cook University with a degree in Environmental Management, Vincent joins Ecofieldtrips after volunteering with land management and reef conservation efforts in Australia and Fiji.  A keen writer who has collaborated with the United Nations and several leading Australian universities, he has an interest in promoting sustainable development and conservation through education and hopes to one day contribute to large-scale policy work. When not immersed in the latest scientific news you can find him either participating in or following a range of sports from rugby to sailing.