We offer a range of CAS elements that can either supplement or form the base of your customised programme.



Creating art from recycled trash, designing games and activities for schoolchildren, or coming up with innovative solutions to global problems; students get the opportunity exercise their creative skills across a wide range of contexts.


Join us for fun, adventure and exploration. With plenty of activities on offer, including kayaking, white water rafting, cycling, trekking, snorkeling and diving, students can experience new physical and mental challenges, gaining a sense of achievement and bonding with their peers.


Service activities bring real world issues into sharp focus. Whether it’s getting their hands dirty in one of our coastal cleanups, working with local NGOs on coral reef restoration, or making a refugee child’s day, our service programmes give students the opportunity to take meaningful and visible action.


  • Bahagia Nursing Home
  • Kuala Gula Mangrove Replanting
  • Ruhunu Forest Regeneration
  • LINI Coral Reef Restoration
  • Amed Village School
  • Rohingya Refugee School 
  • International Coastal Clean-up
  • Remote Village Rotary Trek 
  • Juara Turtle Project
  • Manta Trust Research Project